Tara Nelson Thyroid Health Naturally

Tara Nelson from Thyroid Health Naturally - a local Naturopath with over 26 years of clinical experience, now niching into Thyroid Health due to her thyroid condition and the overwhelming amount of thyroid patients needing support.
Tara loves visiting the sauna regularly due to the support for detoxification. 
She is a passionate detoxer and sees major benefits with regular detoxing in her patients. 
As the body's detoxification processes become sluggish in hypothyroidism, regular infrared saunas help to speed up the process, by promoting the release of toxins via the skin. 
Certain toxins such as cadmium and nickel, are released through sweat more efficiently than other detoxification channels such as via the urine.
Regular infrared saunas also help with other common thyroid symptoms such as muscle aches and pains, poor circulation, low immunity, heart function and even weight loss.
One of the best benefits Tara loves about the sauna is they promote rest, relaxation, a time to stop, slow down and chill, which is what all thyroid patients need!!