The Experiance

What To Expect…

  1. You are greeted in reception and led to your private sanctuary for your infrared sauna session - a carafe of filtered water is provided for you. Let the scents of softly diffused oils evoke a sense of calm.

  2. If it is your first session with Tama Wellness, upon arrival you will be asked to sign a waiver, following an introduction to the studio & how to use the sauna. We will ask you to share any health concerns or focuses, so we can tailor your session accordingly. Stay hydrated pre and post sauna, limit personal care products. We welcome you to bring a +1 to your session (at an additional charge of $15 per person).

  3. Enjoy your 45 minutes to find your alignment; meditate, flow through some gentle stretches or listen to podcasts & music by connecting to the in-built speakers in your sauna on your own device or by using the iPad provided. Reap the additional therapeutic benefits of Chromotherapy lighting located in the ceiling of the sauna.

  4. Move across to the provided shower for your post-sauna rinse, we provide you with natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash.